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Session 1
  • Creating a Career-Minded School Community...Be the Catalyst
    Inspire teachers, administrators, and school staff to be a part of promoting careers in your school! Preparing students for the world of work requires a multifaceted approach. In addition to exposure to careers, students need to develop skillsets that will give them the tools to be career-competitive in national and global markets. Creating a school community that embraces student career development on a daily basis as part of school culture uniquely prepares students for post-high school career opportunities. This session offers discussion, strategies, activities, resources, and idea-sharing for creating a career-minded school community. K-12 focused.

  • High School...We're Back and Brand New!
    Virginia Career VIEW's high school resources are back and better than ever! Discover how to navigate our grades 9-12 brand new website to access career assessments and identify resources that meet college and career planning goals. Resources correspond to Virginia School Counseling Standards and the Profile of a Graduate including the 21 workplace readiness skills and the 5 "C"s: critical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration, communication and citizenship. Learn how to access tools that support multiple paths toward college and career readiness including opportunities for internships, externships, and credentialing. 9-12 focused.

Session 2
  • Building on Strengths and Values: Career Intervention Strategies for Culturally Sensitive Career Education Programs Discover research-based models for developing career education programs for diverse communities. Career education programming can be enhanced by becoming more culturally informed. Participants will discover and discuss ways to create an intentional and sensitive approach to career education based on local diversity including, but not limited to: Rural Appalachia, ESL families, first generation college students, and more. K-12 focused.

  • Career Development Strategies for Students Living in Poverty
    Children living in poverty often remain within their own neighborhoods, and their exposure to careers may be limited. Presenting career exploration in a way that allows children to make sense of abstract concepts is crucial to their motivation and goal setting. This session will touch on the impacts of generational poverty, and strategies to approach career development recognizing these students' unique circumstances and needs. Resources provided! K-12 focused.

    *Please note this session was presented during the 2018 workshop season, but due to high demand, we are offering this session again during the 2019 workshop season.

Fall 2019 Workshops Series

8 Workshops will be offered across the state of Virginia

  • Choose 2 out of 4 sessions.

  • All workshops will be held from 7:30AM-12PM. In accordance with Virginia's Licensure Renewal Manual, p. 11, we will provide 4 hours of in-classroom training during this Professional Conference.

  • Participants will earn 5 professional development points for completing 4 hours of training.
    • Partial credit will not be available
    • Some sessions may fill up faster than others
    • Sessions apply to K-12 or 9-12


  • Virginia Career VIEW will be providing light refreshments in the morning to include, coffee, juice, water, and assorted breakfast snacks. We will not provide lunch.

  • Cost: Free
  • Sessions are held in computer labs / classrooms
    • For all workshop locations: We encourage everyone to bring a laptop computer and a flash drive to the workshop.
  • Registering online:
    • After registering for a workshop an initial email confirmation will be sent
    • Approximately one week prior to the workshop a reminder email will be sent including
      • Directions
      • Agenda
      • Parking information
      • Facilities information

  • A certificate of completion will be provided at the conclusion of each workshop


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